Welcoming two new books

Slowly, slowly I am getting the book collections of my dream. Or not even close to.
The book collections of my dream is a library with books about regions, cultures, economics, business and about food. Allot of cooking books with beautiful pictures. Also, I do not really prefer books about countries, this typical books about what monuments, museum for tourists and so on. A reason might be all information is possible to find on the internet.

I am loving books, books are might be one of the best things to own. Books which are not fiction, romance, and instead are about facts, tips and so on. The reader gain knowledge, understand and might get inspirations.

There for, when I found this to books in college, in our second hand book store for free, I could not take them.
The first book is about nationalism. The second books is harder to explain but what I have understood the books is about Sweden and the Baltic countries society, prostitution and so on. Let see.
First I have to finish with some other books.


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