Somethings from Bodyshop

For some days ago when I was the most sick, I visited my parents.
A reason is, at my parents house it is possible to watch TV. They have food. I do have food, but more a like typical student food. Also, I do have a TV but I have not got the technical equipment to transform from fiber network to the TV.
However, at that day, my mom and me decided to open the calendar from the Body shop. The reason we made, we should open the calender now. There for we do not buy anything which we need instead of waiting and see if we might get the product from the calender.
Luckily we opened and got so many useful products.

Some of the products I got were Shower gel with satsuma fruit extract, Strawberry body polish and on top of that is mango hand cleanse gel. The hand cleanse gel goes down in my bag to India. The other two are probably too big and heavy for a trip to India.
The weight issue, 23 KG luggage….


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