A contribution to Lifegene

While I was on the phone a mail dumped in. First I saw only a big envelop from Karolinska university hospital. Which made me start to wonder, what is this a letter from the hospital that is very wired in my situation.
However, when I opened and saw it was about LifeGene my next question was what is LifeGene. There for I read throw the information I received also on the internet.
My question got answered LifeGene is a huge research program about health such as stress, cancer, heart diseases and much much more.
Then an other important aspect is do I want to be a part of it? Do I want to give some of my time to this program? The answer was, yes, there are no reason to not be a part of a research program. If my blood tests and so on can contribute, then I should be a part of this project.


The website is http://www.lifegene.se if anyone else would like to contribute or read more about Lifegene.


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