Management or Finance

Well, I am not that sure if I should study finance and study management. Both subjects are interesting and fun. Management about leadership and organization cultures. Finace with the formals and counting. I am in the group to write finance subject for our B-level paper. Next semester is the finale C-level research paper, that paper has to be great.
I do have sometime to think over, but it is not easy task to deiced.
Why can not someone tell me study this topic or those are the positive and negative sides of the subjects. Right now I do know, I am just following my feelings.
Sometimes the result has turn out in a better way then I thought but also become a disaster. It easy to look back and say I should have done like that and not like this. However, at the very moment everything looked right.
There for, I think I am going to study finance in the end. Right now it feels right and look right. Let see how everything turns out.


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