Who could think I made this?

IMG_6735 1

I have been missing the flavors of Indian spices. Might be more right to say non-Swedish flavors. Most of the Swedish typical Swedish food does not have any spices, I would say we like to the natural taste of everything. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be too much of hot, spicy taste.
There for, at the cooking class my team made this lamb biriyani. I have no words to explain how good the dish tasted and sensed. Well, what I have learned by making this dish how hard and time consuming the dish is. To point out, there is nothing to complain about the dish. This dish is something I would love to make again, but with non limited of time, to take my own time and read the recipe to really understand.
Also, when it is my turn to make the dish the portion of lamb and rice have to change. I love lamb there for the dish has to have more lamb and less rice.
This makes me remember  the hostel times’ in the hostel at dinner I collected all chicken pieces and skipped the rice as much as I could.


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