The devil in the late evenings

Finally arrived home after an intense practice for the upcoming dance show. Also of course my belly is empty, or at least feeling empty. What does not help is to know in the kitchen on the top shelf is my secret sweet box. Secret is not for me… but at lest hard to reach. In the sweet box are all my sweets (very few) and more of chocolates.
There for, when it is 11 pm it is easy to take a chocolate corner or something else if they are laying on the kitchen table, but not when they are too high up to reach.

Instead of having this devil sweets Jelly Belly from New York and watching Modern Family. The option was a cup of tea with milk and Modern family.

Have any one tried this Jelly Belly with chocolate? I have never seen this sort of jelly beans before and the box is still untouched.

What a scarf can do


Some days there is a feeling to get dress up little or use less normal clothes.So today was a black dress with a silk scarf non of them are my normal clothes. But it made me feel good because the weather has been horrible, greyish and clod.
On the other side my stockings were horrible. They did not want to stay up and I did not have a second par with me. Just perfect.

The scarf is from New York and I do not really remember from which store. I got it around 5 years old, but not very used. A good thing with scarf they can change a easier dress to look much dressed up.

Oil over the night

Last night my hair needed oil before today shower.
To point out the coconut make the hair soft and smooth. Also, normal oil, hair oil and some of the Heinz souses are good for the hair. The reason I know about of Heinz dressing are good is due to a friend use it.
However, I prefer coconut oil is due India habits but also the sens is better then anything else.
What I do is apply oil the night before, and put a towel over the pillow so the pillow does not get spoiled.

You my call me old fashion

Yes, technique is not my bright side of life. We love and hate each other equal. For example, when I got my windows 8 on my computer. The week was a nightmare, I did not understand anything I was a big question mark and not at all in a good mood. Also, this has happened when my family gave me my surface. Everything was new bigger touch screen then my mobile phone.
In the same way I prefore to read new paper in printed form and books. Somehow the printed texts are easier to read then on a computer screen.

On top of that, the mobile phone calender is never used or very limited. Instead my bags have always my calender. The calender is with me everywhere I go. My life is in the calender in the same way as the mobile phone.
The reason is very simple, with the calender I get a better overview of the days and weeks. Easy way to know what to do at 10 am and at 1 pm and so on. While the phone does not give the good overview of days or weeks.
Call me old fashion, but I prefer to be old fashion then the innovative person.

Planing my trip to India and all the gifts to bring with me is a project. There for a good suport is to write down when to start packing, buying gifts and so on in the calender.