You my call me old fashion

Yes, technique is not my bright side of life. We love and hate each other equal. For example, when I got my windows 8 on my computer. The week was a nightmare, I did not understand anything I was a big question mark and not at all in a good mood. Also, this has happened when my family gave me my surface. Everything was new bigger touch screen then my mobile phone.
In the same way I prefore to read new paper in printed form and books. Somehow the printed texts are easier to read then on a computer screen.

On top of that, the mobile phone calender is never used or very limited. Instead my bags have always my calender. The calender is with me everywhere I go. My life is in the calender in the same way as the mobile phone.
The reason is very simple, with the calender I get a better overview of the days and weeks. Easy way to know what to do at 10 am and at 1 pm and so on. While the phone does not give the good overview of days or weeks.
Call me old fashion, but I prefer to be old fashion then the innovative person.

Planing my trip to India and all the gifts to bring with me is a project. There for a good suport is to write down when to start packing, buying gifts and so on in the calender.


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