Dinner with family

Instead of having dinner at home or at my parents house, my dad and I met up for dinner.
The common question is where to eat. Stockholm has many cafes but any good dinner places for 100 SEK is harder to find in the city.
Of course we have the fast food places but that is not a proper meal.

However, we tried a place for some months ago call Babel Deli near by Sveavägen.
The place is what I would say a hip place where many men and women around 20-30 years old and having dinner and talking for some times.

This time I made my own Meze plate, which allow me to choose 3 different warmer options such as chicken, veg or meet and 2 sous for example hummus, tzatziki and much more. My chose were lamb, chicken and dolma. the souses were hummus and capsicum sous. IMG_6789

Top point out, the dinner was also to celebrate my new job. The job is kicking of in some weeks and there for my time table is pretty full. On the other side I am very happy and can not wait for the next year to start!

Swedish style of Dosa

At the cooking class we made some dosa. It tasted pretty good, little different from the normal dosa, or Indian dosa.
The Swedish-Indian dosa has semolina, flour, yoghurt and many other ingredients. Also, cooking time is may be 45 minutes. Swedish-Indian dosa and normal dosa has to be eaten directly, because the dosa taste best when it is fresh.

Dosa was one of my favorite dish from Indian kitchen. Also, my question is why can not Indian restaurants have Dosa on the menus?

Something for the people with a cat

Today, after very good meetings and college on my way home I got some free samples.
It is always nice to get free samples if they products are useful. However, this products are not anything for me. I do not have a cat and I do not know any cat person either…. There for it is pity to give away products for people how do not need it.
Also, this brand is so expensive for cat food. I do know how people can and want pay over priced products.

Good morning tasty Pancakes

I have had this craving for pancakes for some days.
There for I finally made pancakes all by myself and to me only.
Also, this is not real pancakes, instead it is from a mixer. On the other hand the cooking and preparation is very easy and fast.Pancakes, banana and soured milk.