Samosa is on my list

Well, during the visit in India I have some things I have to do.
Mostly it is to eat different dishes, but also meet my friends and much much more.

Street food: Samosa, pani puri, SPTP and momos.
Visits: my friends, college, families, phoneix mall, older part of Pune and might visit Mumbai. Also, go out at least once with friends.
Shopping: books, sneakers and spices.

Right now it looks like I have to stay one-3 nights at different places, just to be able to meet everyone. There for 2 weeks are not enough anymore. The time table is very tight.


Also, I know I have to bring medicine because, I will get sick. Not only because of the street food, but also due to oil, spices, water and so on. During all my visits in India 3 times and for around 2 years, my stomach has been all stages from peaceful to totally mess.
I just say bring it on, nothing can stop me to enjoy food. NOTHING.

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