Well I have meet many of my friends and families in pune. A lot of pani Puri, juice, momos and laugh.
Sorry for the bad updates but in the evening I am too tired to do any updates.

Christmas eve food

Here we did not have the typical Christmas ham, potatoes, meat balls or herring.
No, no, no instead my dear friend took me out to KP and we ate pani puri, bhel, SPDP and saw the traffic jam.
While having the street food next to the horns, pollutions, chats and crowed, my mind was finally peaceful. I have not enjoyed this much for a long period of time. There is something which India has and not Sweden. While Sweden has other good qualities.

So far my stomach is fine! high five, I might be able to eat the street food without any problems. keeping my fingers cross.

It is time

Well, My suitcase is almost packed.
I have to go to the food store and collect the last request to bring Julmust with me. So, best for me to buy it.
Around 12 I have to leave my apartment and walk to the Arlanda express. I have to be at Arlanda early because I have no clue how crowed it is going to be.

Our tree is extremly naked

Last evening I had dinner with my dad and we decorated our tree.
The thing is, we need a tree but non of us felt to give our full energy to decorated it. We thought what is the point to decorate the tree with all the decorations we have when I won´t to be there. If I remember right we have around 2-3 huge brown boxes for moving, with only Christmas tree decorations.
So, it ended up we used less then a half of a box.
There for, our tree has never looked this naked before and really ugly. A Christmas tree should be decorated from the toe to the top and trunk should be impossible to get a glance of.


Good Morning!

Well, my plan for yesterday did not turn out how I wanted.
Instead of cleaning the apartment, my called me home to wish her happy birthday. How can I decline a visit at my parents hose?


There for the whole cleaning project has started at 7 AM today. What I have done so far is the most easiest. Oiled the kitchen counter, next step the refrigerator.
Also, I have to write some more Christmas cards to family and friends.
Hopefully, I will be done in the afternoon so I can visit my parents house and decorate the Christmas tree!

Prepartions or not

Tomorrow´s plan is all about preparations for India.
Which mean I want to clean the whole apartment from the floor to the sealing. Also, if I have the energy I would prefer to starting packing. I have not started with the packing, beside having the suitcase on the floor with a sweater lying on the top.