It is getting colder

Well, my apartment is from late 1930 with surprisingly extreme high sealing. Also I have figured out were the cold air comes from my window. There for, my stone and wood floors are always cold. In the summer the floor is cold, winter floor is cold at night and day.
There for I bought some indoor shoes in India. Yes, I did prepare for a colder apartment.
My indoor shoes are from stev madden and are thebest indoor shoes. They have soft textile inside and have no weight at all. Everyday I wear this shoes, I can not be without them.
A good bought, why did I never have indoor shoes before?


lanch and the pacific

Today I am watching “The Pacific while having my very simple lunch.
The TV-show “The Pacific” is a good Tv-show but a episode is an hour long. Yes, the show is about a group during WWII. In my case it is hard to really understand how was. There for to watch a TV-show without too much actions and so on are horrible.
However, the show is good and nothing to watch before going to bed.

My lunch was simple, hotdogs, onions, garlics and some indian spices with rice.
Also, I have found really awesome cooking books in Swedish I would love to get my hands over them.


Saffron Buns


So all my saffrons buns are done, Hopefully I do not need to make anymore.
The thing is to make saffron buns take times. Allot of waiting due to the east. However the buns are in the oven for only 8 minutes.
For one thing all the waiting is worth it. The saffron flavor, soft and juicy also the bright yellow color .
Baking saffron buns are extremely easy, with not too many ingredients.

The buns taste best while the fresh from the oven with a cup of milk. Also the house smell saffron.
To point out my parents did get some saffron buns, they are not without Christmas homemade saffron buns!