What Makes you happy?

Photo is taken in olden part of Pune, and the Ganpati is huge.
The last days my mind has been somewhere else.
I have been thinking what do I want? What am I aiming for? There are so many thoughts sometimes in my mind that create chaos and some other days my mind is totally peaceful and I know exactly what I want and everything.
But not right now, or more right, I know what I want in near future, (low risk). However, my thoughts are about 2-4 years. Then my mind is lost, I want to study a master. But where and also what do I want to work with.
I am lost, because all I know, in the end I and many other people want to be happy. That is what I want, to be happy, but what makes me happy? This is a never ending process and a reason I do not want to think in terms of happiness, is because what is happiness? How can I defend a statement of my chose only because of happiness. While for other the chose sounds like crazy, irrational and stupid. What if the chose turns out to be a nightmare? Is it my fault then?
Well, I think and know, it is time to go to bed and sleep, my mind is not in a state of thinking.
Good Night

Gamla Stans market



So Gamla stans Christmas market might be on of Stockholms oldest markets.
I can not say I find any interesting or good thing to eat or give away. But the point for the visit at the market is the feeling atmosphere. With all the small cottages, old buildings around with Christmas starts in the windows and all the cafes. Especially Frälsningsarmens cafe at Stortorget. Frälsningsarmen is a organizationen helping the people in need, homeless, poor and so on. There for there is never wrong to take a cup of coffee at Frälsningsarmens’ cafe.
Back to the market, perfect feeling would have been with some snow on the ground and big heavy snowflakes falling from the sky. Well, that is something to wish for, for Christmas eve.

But Gamla stans market is lovely and it is possible to drink Glögg, Mulled wine, find cheese from the north, mustered, jam and much of sweets/candies.

What a day

I was very happy in the morning because I got huge amount of sleep and was going to do my laundry. However that morning turned out to be a nightmare.
The key to the laundray room was (might still be missing). There for I called the chairman and he was not at home and the key I got was the wrong key. There for, I was standing with a bag full with laundry, the only solution was to put on my shoes and travel to my parents house.
Yes, I took the metro with a blue IKEA bag with my laundry to my parents house. I might have lost my favorite sweater on the journey…That is not my proudest moments, but laundry is laundry and has to be clean.
Also, at 3 pm was my exam in organization theory, done and I can only keep my fingers crossed.

Good morning

I hope you all had an good night sleep.
Because I have slept like a baby. From 10 pm och 6:30 am, without waking up. There for I can promise you that was really tired yesterday.
However, today is my exam day in organization and in the morning is laundry time. Before the exam, I have to visit the second hand book store to buy my litterateurs for the course in writing research paper. Wish me all the best.