What Makes you happy?

Photo is taken in olden part of Pune, and the Ganpati is huge.
The last days my mind has been somewhere else.
I have been thinking what do I want? What am I aiming for? There are so many thoughts sometimes in my mind that create chaos and some other days my mind is totally peaceful and I know exactly what I want and everything.
But not right now, or more right, I know what I want in near future, (low risk). However, my thoughts are about 2-4 years. Then my mind is lost, I want to study a master. But where and also what do I want to work with.
I am lost, because all I know, in the end I and many other people want to be happy. That is what I want, to be happy, but what makes me happy? This is a never ending process and a reason I do not want to think in terms of happiness, is because what is happiness? How can I defend a statement of my chose only because of happiness. While for other the chose sounds like crazy, irrational and stupid. What if the chose turns out to be a nightmare? Is it my fault then?
Well, I think and know, it is time to go to bed and sleep, my mind is not in a state of thinking.
Good Night

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