Thank you, you are worth 10,000 pav bhaji

Thank you for following my blog!
I have reach one of my goals for this year. The goal was to get 200 followers before the new year and I got it, thanks to you.
During the summer holiday in Sweden, my summer job took all my time and the blog did not get enough time and scuppered. However, after the summer and my studies started I gave the blog more time to write about a typical student life in Sweden.
There for I am thinking what is this blog about? Because I started with the blog to write about my year in India as an exchange student, but I am not an exchange student anymore (sad).
There for I am wondering what is interesting to read about, what does my followers want to read. I am just a typical student in Stockholm, trying to find my way in a big but still a small world.

Also, I hoping you are enjoying my blog with all the English mistakes and weirdness. I have you to say thank you and you are worth 10,000 pav bhaji from supreme corner in Pune (the best pav bhaij in Pune and India). All thanks goes to you.
Best Pav Bhaji and pizza are made in Supreme corner at JM road near to FC road, pure veg restaurant.

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