Sweets and more sweets

Well, I might not have a sweet tooth anymore, a photos with all the sweets are lovely and somehow I wish to eat all of them. But, in the end to eat or buy the sweets are not an option for me anymore. My mind is screaming unhealthy, and waste of money and think what else I can eat.
There for, I might not eat any of the sweets but I love, love baking and be surrounded of the senses. Almost every time all my sweets are left at my parents house, so they got a job to finish the sweets.
However, my sweets needs have swap to cheese and liver pastie “needs”. The cheese and liver pastie are my new sweets and I wish to make my own liver pastie. One beautiful day I will have homemade liver pastie made of chicken liver.
Homemade cheese is harder to make, I would never have the patience to wait for months. There for my favorite cheeses are made by Kullensgårdsmejeri up in the north. I am promising to write more about the lovely kullensgårdsmejeri in an other update.

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