Good morning!

I hope you all had a good night sleep, because I had a great one.
However, yesterday was Sunday and I had a perfect Sunday. I slept at my parents house and had company with my dad over breakfast (that is not the case today, right now i am having my breakfast alone).

Then I baked all the day, beside some hours of studies. I baked allot and left some at my parents house, also my grandparents got a peace of the bread, buns, saffron buns and scones. The thing is, I do not feel to eat the buns I just love baking. Also my grandparents do not bake anymore so it is a good thing to give homemade things. It is a luxury for everyone nowadays because we buy bread, buns, cookies half branded food from the food store. But, that sort of food from the food stores are not in same level, quality as homemade food.

On the photo is one sort of scones I made with two different type of flour, wheat and rye. Also, I added some grated carrots to get some extra texture and taste.


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