Stureplan has got the own Starbucks

Seriously, how many cafes can Stockholm have?
Stockholm does not have many Starbucks, I think we have got four with Arlanda airport. Instead of Starbucks in every corner, we got Espresso house. Espresso house and Starbucks have the same layout, atmosphere. The customer should have a relax and comfy feeling.
There for I am asking myself, when will this new cafes end? Or will we only have brand cafes and all privet cafes disrepair?
Well, Stureplan has the first Starbucks outside the train station and the airport. I am not surprise Starbucks opened at Stureplan then any other place in Stockholm. Because Stureplan is in the city, where more expensive stores and restaurants are located.
Also, if anyone want to explore Stockholm nightlife, Stureplan is one of the places to go to. However, it is pathetic place to be. A reason is so many people wanna have many are there and the brats. There for, it is better to go to a restaurant or a cafe to chill and talk.

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