Thank God for good chefs


Well, why can not I cook this sort of food?!

Or the answer is pretty simple, I do not have the skills or the knowledge or the interest to spend the time in the kitchen to prepare food for myself.
There for when I get the opportunity to enjoy an other level of food quality I do not decline  to enjoy the food or company.
Well, If I remember right the dish is with liver and some other things which I do not remember. The dish was with 10 other dishes, which mean allot of smaller potion but many. There for after a dinner in that standard, you can not walk. Also, the sweets with the coffee are impossible to really enjoy due to the stomach is too full.

There for,the chefs who can create this and many other dishes are artists. Artists in other way then a typical artist in my ears. Artist in my ears are someone who write, paint or create music. But the chefs are artists too, they how to be aware of all the sens of a human being has, the taste, the look, the feeling and the smell. The sound can be little tricky however sometime the sound is also important. To create the wow effect. On the other side the other artists do not need, or can not create for all the sense.

There are some must

IMG_6972Before Christmas I have some must to do. Most of the things are traditions since childhood. For example:

  1. Visit NK Christmas windows more then one time.
  2. Get a chocolate calender
  3. watch at least an episode of this year Christmas calender for kids on TV. The best year Christmas Calender is Slottet på Greveholm!
  4. Eat Christmas food buffet
  5. Bake saffron buns
  6. Listen way too much of Christmas carols

Before I would also say spend Christmas with family up in the north, but it is not possible for this year either. Therefor it is not really a most anymore.
However, I love the north especilly on Christmsa eve during the day. To be at the ski center 5 minutes before the open the downhills. During the whole day skiing and having food from home with us and at 2 pm leaving the ski center due to at 3 pm watching TV Donald Duck and his friends celebrating Christmas.
After Donald Duck paying some card games and having Christmas food buffet and just relaxing with the family. Finally, at 6-8 pm we exchanging the gifts and watching TV.
Of course the evening ends early because the next day at 5 minutes to 9 we are there again in the ski center.
Lovely time with my family. On the other side, nowadays I am creating new tradition to be away from my birth family and instead celebrating with my friends and Indian families.

Marabou to my friends

One thing is for sure, India does not know how to make good chocolate. The chocolates from Indian food store are the worse chocolates I have ever tried. In my opinion the chocolate taste only sugar, which is not that surprising because Indians have a very sweet tooth. Everything have sugar.
There for some of my gifts to my friends are chocolate, Marabou chocolate, simple and good.

A problem I am facing is, some of my friends are pure vegetarian and there for I have to read on the back side of the package what the products are made of. Almost all e-number products are a no no, because I am not sure what the number stand for. Also, I do not want to give something made of animal when it is against the region, it is about showing respect.

Hopefully the chocolate won’t melt during the journey between Mumabi and Pune. keep the fingers crossed.