Marabou to my friends

One thing is for sure, India does not know how to make good chocolate. The chocolates from Indian food store are the worse chocolates I have ever tried. In my opinion the chocolate taste only sugar, which is not that surprising because Indians have a very sweet tooth. Everything have sugar.
There for some of my gifts to my friends are chocolate, Marabou chocolate, simple and good.

A problem I am facing is, some of my friends are pure vegetarian and there for I have to read on the back side of the package what the products are made of. Almost all e-number products are a no no, because I am not sure what the number stand for. Also, I do not want to give something made of animal when it is against the region, it is about showing respect.

Hopefully the chocolate won’t melt during the journey between Mumabi and Pune. keep the fingers crossed.

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