Where is the snow?!


Seriously where is the snow?
This photo was taken 2012 and I have not seen this amount of snow since then.
Well, I might not miss is amount of snow, but at least some snow would be good. Also, the snow should arrive before the 23rd of December, so the plains are working.
Why can not we get the snow. We should have snow during Christmas that was the high light for kids, that make a Christmas a real Christmas.

Christmas cards and music

When I was living at home with my parents I did not care about the mail. There for nowadays when I am living alone, a mail makes me too much happy.
So, today when I came home I found a Christmas card at my door. Right now my computer is playing Christmas carols and writing Christmas cards to family and friends.
Have you ever realized how less cards and mail we are sending instead of email? In my case I prefer to get mail then email, especially for special occurrences such as Christmas and birthday.


Yes, done for now

I have no idea where the day has passed by.
All of the sudden it is time for dinner and study more after dinner. But where has the time gone?! I do not know….


Also, a good thing too. For sometimes ago the admission for the spring semester was open and now the result is out. My application was to all sort of courses, history, business. English and so on. The first choose was History course and I wanted the course badly. There for when I got to know I am accepted and I have to deny all the courses due to minimum of time is not a pleasant feeling. The subject sounds very interesting and in every way the time is limited and would not mange it. There for it feels better to be realistic now and stay with c-level course and my job and do them good.

Soon time to apply for summer courses….

Time do be serious

Well, we have finally started with the B-level research paper and it is allot to do before Wednesday afternoon. There for I am pry to get my books from Adlibris earlier.
The books I bought are märken och människor, (brands and people), it is the same books I got from the library, but I prefer to have my own books to write and highlight the important stuff. Also the second book is Fashion brands, written by Mark Tungate. Mark has written many other interesting books such as branded beauty, luxury world. If I could and had time I would buy them and read them instead of my course literature.
However, my plan for this evening is to read Märken och människor and tomorrow start the work in the field.

Of course when it is something this important my tea cup is next to me.

This can not happen


My external hard drive is broken. Instead of working it make the sad sound, something like I tried to start but gave up,
On the hard drive all my photos from 2010 till now are saved on it with my music collections and movies. How can I get my memories? I do not know.

When I told my family about my situation the answer was. Have you done a back up? Yea, the hard drive was my back up and no I did not do a internet based back up on a could.

Therefor, I might have lost all my photos from my first visit in India and christmas celebrations here in Sweden…. The most important for me are the photos and I do not want them to be gone while on the other side the musics, movies can be gone. That is not a personal belonging and I can buy the tracks again, but that is not possible with  photos. Sight, hopeless with technique.