This can not happen


My external hard drive is broken. Instead of working it make the sad sound, something like I tried to start but gave up,
On the hard drive all my photos from 2010 till now are saved on it with my music collections and movies. How can I get my memories? I do not know.

When I told my family about my situation the answer was. Have you done a back up? Yea, the hard drive was my back up and no I did not do a internet based back up on a could.

Therefor, I might have lost all my photos from my first visit in India and christmas celebrations here in Sweden…. The most important for me are the photos and I do not want them to be gone while on the other side the musics, movies can be gone. That is not a personal belonging and I can buy the tracks again, but that is not possible with  photos. Sight, hopeless with technique.


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