My last shift!

I can not believe it, today is my last work shift. The feelings I am having is little of sadness, because my coworkers are amazing. The people are great. Of course I am caring with me the good memories such as when we have danced to the music and joked. We have been a good team.
On the other side, next week is my introductions week at the new job. I am very excited to learn the new work process and meet my new coworkers.
After new year, when the new job starting for real. My work timings are from 5pm to 10 pm some during some workdays and some other weekends are 7 am to 4 pm or 8 pm to 5 pm. The new job takes more time, but on the other side I think in the long run this job suits me better.
Well, in an hour I have to go and work, 5 hours shift today! During the whole day I have study and read books with theories.


Weekend is soon here with Christmas buffet with my family. No food for breakfast!


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