pig trotters


Pigs trotters are a traditional dish for the Christmas buffet. Well, I have never tried that dish before because I have thought it is too much of animal. Specially when the whole trotter are on a plate. However, at this buffet the chefs had cut the trotters in parts.
Normally, about food and dishes, I am open to try everything before I say I do not like it. Because sometimes the dish sounds too bad but taste marvelous or good at least. For example I tried brain in India and well it was not my favorite dish but I can eat it again. There for I tried the pig trotter, and never again. The trotter tasted only fat and pig. Pig Trotters won´t be on my plate again. Never.
Other things on this lovely buffet were the different flavor of pickled herring, hard roe, paté.
They served also the warm dishes such as meat balls, jansons, prince sausages and other dishes. But those dishes are easy to get and there for nothing special.

But, I can say I have missed the Swedish Christmas buffet! It is so Swedish to go to a restaurant and have a lovely time with the family.

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