Who does not like cheese?

Seriously, I love cheese, if I could I would love to try to make my own cheese.
How awesome would that not be?!
To have a cheese plate and friends or family over and to be bale to say – Btw this is homemade brie cheese.
If someone said something like that to me, I would gone crazy to get to know how the person did and everything!
Top homemade list:

  1. cheese
  2. sausage
  3. bread
  4. pralines
  5. jam, marmalade

If anyone of my friends made something from the list, I would love to try.
However, none does, beside my family and me homemade jam most of the time during the summer.

First day went good!

Well, I might have not chose the best option for today.
First of all, I needed to prepare something fast for the lunchbox. Nothing fancy at all, frozen vegetables with black pudding. Then from 8:30-3 I was at my new job.
The job is a bit different from what I have been working with before, but still a lot of customer service. I love interaction with people and helping them.
Due to the new job and the routines my head felt so heavy. My day was not over yet, no no at 5 pm was exam in research paper theory and statistic.

I can tell you this, last night was not a good night, probably because of today. Instead of sleeping, I was awake and listening to Bollywood songs and sketching (with color after very long time!).

I am bad with colors, never been my thing….