bad food for the whole week…

Yea, that is so true… I do not have the energy to cook proper food. when I get home, I just open the fridge take out onion, garlic and something else and throw it in a pan. The something else can be other vegetables, beans or tomato souses with fried egg.
My lunch boxes are even more sad. Frozen vegetables with eggs…. How tasty is that? Truly speaking, it taste bad, really, really bad, but I do not want to cook and spend too much money on food before India. I am scared that in the end I have to trow food.
Yea, this is what happens when you live alone and started with a new job and too lazy…
On the other hand, my behavior can explain in an other way, I do not want to eat too good food before India, because I want to really enjoy the Indian food.
Yes, I have to have tandoori food! This food is on my list.

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