Prepartions or not

Tomorrow´s plan is all about preparations for India.
Which mean I want to clean the whole apartment from the floor to the sealing. Also, if I have the energy I would prefer to starting packing. I have not started with the packing, beside having the suitcase on the floor with a sweater lying on the top.

Very happy


Well, What shall I say? The left book on the photo is about consumer theory culture. From identity, brands, symbols and much more. That book is perfect for the paper. To get basic thories to build up our paper. Of course we need more information, books and so on.
While the other book “Fashion brands” was more of a question mark for me. I was not sure if the book would be to any help or not. Right now when I looked at the contents, my feeling is the book is not right for the paper. However the subject sound extremely interesting!
So, in the end. this 2 books are good bought. Also, the books are traveling with me to India.

In my eyes, if we need a specific book to be able to write the paper. Everyone in the group should have the book. It does not matter if the book is from the libary or from a store. Everyone should have the book, to be able to write in every section and not pending on one person in the group.
The book cost 270 SEK, which is 3 dinners out, but it is better to write a good paper instead of dinner out. That is at least how I see.

No I have not forgot the blog

I have been very busy again.
The new job has taken my time and energy. When I have arrived home, my head has been very heavy and tired. Due to all the new information and environment. But I am sure after some weeks there won´t be any problems.
Also, on the side of the new job college is going on and my group and I are trying to get the paper done.
There for I won´t write more about work or college.
Instead this update will be about strawberry jam which we got at the Christmas buffet. IMG_7120

Every person got a jar of strawberry jam. I have not tried it yet, because I have fresh fruits with my muesli. But the jars were a nice surprise and I am looking forward to try the jam. Can this jam be better then our own homemade?