Very happy


Well, What shall I say? The left book on the photo is about consumer theory culture. From identity, brands, symbols and much more. That book is perfect for the paper. To get basic thories to build up our paper. Of course we need more information, books and so on.
While the other book “Fashion brands” was more of a question mark for me. I was not sure if the book would be to any help or not. Right now when I looked at the contents, my feeling is the book is not right for the paper. However the subject sound extremely interesting!
So, in the end. this 2 books are good bought. Also, the books are traveling with me to India.

In my eyes, if we need a specific book to be able to write the paper. Everyone in the group should have the book. It does not matter if the book is from the libary or from a store. Everyone should have the book, to be able to write in every section and not pending on one person in the group.
The book cost 270 SEK, which is 3 dinners out, but it is better to write a good paper instead of dinner out. That is at least how I see.

No I have not forgot the blog

I have been very busy again.
The new job has taken my time and energy. When I have arrived home, my head has been very heavy and tired. Due to all the new information and environment. But I am sure after some weeks there won´t be any problems.
Also, on the side of the new job college is going on and my group and I are trying to get the paper done.
There for I won´t write more about work or college.
Instead this update will be about strawberry jam which we got at the Christmas buffet. IMG_7120

Every person got a jar of strawberry jam. I have not tried it yet, because I have fresh fruits with my muesli. But the jars were a nice surprise and I am looking forward to try the jam. Can this jam be better then our own homemade?

Right now

I am watching youtube and having a cup of tea next to me. Probably there are better options then tea and youtube, that is the bed. However, I do not feel for it.
Also, I am planing what to do after the work shift. My plan is not interesting or exiting, just studies.

The new favorite tea is Darjeeling green. I bought the tea at the airport because I wanted to spend all the left over of rupees. But, the tea is good and made me leave coffee and instead drinking 3-4 big cups of tea.

bad food for the whole week…

Yea, that is so true… I do not have the energy to cook proper food. when I get home, I just open the fridge take out onion, garlic and something else and throw it in a pan. The something else can be other vegetables, beans or tomato souses with fried egg.
My lunch boxes are even more sad. Frozen vegetables with eggs…. How tasty is that? Truly speaking, it taste bad, really, really bad, but I do not want to cook and spend too much money on food before India. I am scared that in the end I have to trow food.
Yea, this is what happens when you live alone and started with a new job and too lazy…
On the other hand, my behavior can explain in an other way, I do not want to eat too good food before India, because I want to really enjoy the Indian food.
Yes, I have to have tandoori food! This food is on my list.

Everytime someone quite

Yea, this was our tradition at the other job.
Everytime someone quite more or less the boss bought a box of candy and put it on the table.
Can you see? there are only good candies! such as sweet and sour, chocolates and much more. But, I never took anything from the box, feeling proved of myself.
Also, we had our own super small Christmas tree on the table. We did try to get some Christmas feeling. Haha

Who does not like cheese?

Seriously, I love cheese, if I could I would love to try to make my own cheese.
How awesome would that not be?!
To have a cheese plate and friends or family over and to be bale to say – Btw this is homemade brie cheese.
If someone said something like that to me, I would gone crazy to get to know how the person did and everything!
Top homemade list:

  1. cheese
  2. sausage
  3. bread
  4. pralines
  5. jam, marmalade

If anyone of my friends made something from the list, I would love to try.
However, none does, beside my family and me homemade jam most of the time during the summer.

First day went good!

Well, I might have not chose the best option for today.
First of all, I needed to prepare something fast for the lunchbox. Nothing fancy at all, frozen vegetables with black pudding. Then from 8:30-3 I was at my new job.
The job is a bit different from what I have been working with before, but still a lot of customer service. I love interaction with people and helping them.
Due to the new job and the routines my head felt so heavy. My day was not over yet, no no at 5 pm was exam in research paper theory and statistic.

I can tell you this, last night was not a good night, probably because of today. Instead of sleeping, I was awake and listening to Bollywood songs and sketching (with color after very long time!).

I am bad with colors, never been my thing….