The journey from Pune to Mumbai

For the first time I did not cry while saying good bye to my friends, family and India.
Instead, I had a wired feelings of I am so coming back and there for no reason to cry. However, when I am back in India is a good question.

The journey back started in a less good way. The taxi company KK travels was full booked. KK travels is a good effective transportation agency between Mumbai and Pune. With good drivers and passengers, the cost is 950 rupees (share cab with other people) and the journey is 4-6 h depending on the traffic and if you are the first or last person to be dropped.
In my case, I was surprised how easy it was so find KK travels at the airport and to find my name in the list. Also, they drop you at your address. Very good.
Instead of KK travels my friend tried to find other company but it was impossible to find share cab. So it ended up we booked a cab to Pune railway station and from there find cool cab. Cool cab is prepay travel agency. The best part is, the customer pay in advance and there for does not need to think about meters and if the driver take a long way and traffic jams.
But, as we found out, cool cab does not have share cab and a cab with AC would have cost me 2300 rupees. As my friend was going to pay, we met two men who were going to Mumbai international airport. So it ended up we three people booked a cab and shared the cost. I do not think the drivers liked us, but who cares?
The whole journey went smoothly, without any problems. Beside the traffic jams in Mumbai, pure pain. I think only Mumbai journey took 2 hours. At the airport one of the men allowed me to call my friend to inform all went well and 15 hours flight was waiting for me.

cool cab, is not that cool…

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