Dinner with the family

Finally I met some people.
The whole day had passed by before I met any people, who I actually could speak openly with. They were my dad and brother. We met up at K25 for dinner and I gave my Christmas gift to my brother.
Well, my brother and I have totally opposite opinions about India. I can promise, if I ever going to live in India my brother would never visit me. Never. He has visit me once and never again. Due to the heat, pollution, sickness and the social contrasts between the poor and rich man.
However, my gift consisted of maggie noodles, Green chilli souse and sweet lime pickle (he liked the souse and pickle much more then noodles).

At K25, we ordered from Yoi. My dish name was taste like chicken soup, and instead of chicken I ordered with tofu. In my case I have not tried tofu that often before, but I have started to prefer tofu and I think it is becoming a favorite. The dish taste like chicken, cost 95 kr and was just perfect amount of food for a starving me.

Coconut milk, tofu or chicken, coriander, tomatoes, carrots and with a side bowel of rice.

The 24th of December was amazing

Well, not only was I in India and traveled from Mumbai to Pune without any problems.
This Christmas was maybe one of the best Christmas for many years. Some of the reasons are, I did not have any Christmas anguish, was in warm weather, met my best friend. My friend picked me up with her car and we finally met after 8 months. She is my angel.
Our first plan was to go out, but her family wanted us to be back home at 10 pm, which is understandable. There for our plan changed and we traveld to KP for one of the best places for street food. My feeling was, forget the Christmastime ham, herrings, meatballs. This is the perfect Christmas eve food and environment. Standing on the sidewalk with all the traffic around. Just enjoying the evening with the best friend with shared love for street food.

tea and tea


Many of the tea sorts have I not tried. There for I am excited to try the new and old sorts. For example Wagh Bakri and Mesna jasmine tea are old favorites. While Organic India Tulsi green tea has good grates from the food magazine.
Also, I bought more tea but they are gifts to my family.