No no I do not want to leave the flat

Well, the whole day has been cold and snowing. I went at 9 am to Friskis och svettis for a work out. Seriously I have to get into shape again.
Also, in 40 minutes I have to leave my warm apartment for work, 5-10 pm, my very first evening shift. I am scared we will get a lot of phone calls due to the weather. Let see. Due to my first day with the evening shift my nerves are killing me and I have had problem to control my food intake… Sight… I have had many cups of tea, carrots, a sandwich, egg, avocado, and a bean mixed, in 3 hours… I guess you know what I am talking about, it is easy to eat little bit too much of the food when the nerves are more of down hill skiing.
Thank God I have exercise and going to take a walk to the office.
Please provide some spring soon

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