Homemade easy snacks

Today I went to my parents house to cook dinner for me and my dad. Also, I used the opportunity to cook pierogis in the oven. Pierogis are perfect for snacks or dinner.
The pierogis are made by wheat floor, oil, eggs and milk. the filling is made of onions, pepper, corn and something more. Pierogis are easy to make and fast.The dish exist in many cultures but with different preparation and cooking way. The dough recipes is from tasteline.com.

So, let see what I think about my pierogis for tomorrow’s dinner. My pierogis turn out to be little bit too dry, I think the dough needed more oil…

Time to rethink

So, What shall I study during the summer. The application opened up last Monday and I though I will study a 5 weeks course. But, what do I want to study.
I thought to apply to business or religion course.
The business subject is cross culture management, or analysis financial wealth in organizations or some other. The religion topic is about reading religion topics and analysis the texts.
But let see, I discuss with my parents to see if it is a good idea to study or work more.

Happy birthday

Wow, wow and wow, Amazing dinner.
Today we celebrated my brother’s birthday, he is now 25 years old and there for we went out for dinner at a better place is Stockholm. More right, we went to KB restaurant near to Östermalmstorg. I have a weak spot for liver.
After the main dish my dessert was raspberry sober, chocolate lava cake with caramel souse. Amazing, very sweet but good. Once in the blue moon is okay to eat unhealthy. The problem I am facing now, is due to the coffee my eyes are not tired… When will I be able to sleep?

Of course my brother got a gift from me. Nothing special, more a symbolic. He got a cooking book, flipping burgers cooking book. Flipping burger has a restaurant in Stockholm which is very popular and there for I gave the book. My brother has been to the place and liked the burger. So why not give the cooking book?

What dish shall i make?

This upcoming Saturday is my work free evening and there for I am planing to make some new dish or more right try to make. I have not decided what I want to make, my wish is to make enough food for the up coming days. But, what can I keep in the refrigerator?
First I thought lets make dosa! But realized that dish has to be fresh, to taste good. There for impossible to make it this weekend.
Then I thought, dumplings/momos, I love it and have not had it for long time and on top of that, NEVER done it before.
The third option is stuff vine leaves, a taste dish and again NEVER done the dish before. I have read how to make it and thought I have to make it one day.
The fourth is to make simple pasties, I have made that before and turn out good.

Well, what shall I make? I want to make something new which I have not tried before.

Or I might try to make something I have done before and something new.
I.e cook pasties and something else Japanese soup?

Book sale

So, today has the book sale started and I have not got any books yet. How come?
There are so many books I wish to read, but why have I not bought any? Let see, if I find something intressting from the internet.
Also, tomorrow is my brothers’ birthday and still I have not get any gift to him. I do not know what to give to him. Might say this, at least he will not get a book.
But what shall I give?

The book I thought to buy is
Kryddlexikon : världens alla kryddor från A till Ö

So much food


Well, I am so glad of all the food.
There were too much food and great people. I met new students from all over Europe. The feeling of want to travel all over Europe to met local people and experience more culture. There are so many countries I have never visit specially the east and the south of Europe. I have heard the east Europe are the best country for some meat dishes.
At the food party I tried home made sushi, pizza, Okra ball, German sweet, and Turkish drink (tasted like buttermilk).

International food party

What an evening!
ESN had made it again, or more right all the students made an amazing evening with food. ESN orgonaized this party due to we all try different food dishes and for the students who misses the  home country food. There were, Swedish, German, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French and much much more.
Lovely evening with great students.