Oj long time ago

I have no idea why I have done any update for a long period of time.
A lot of things have happened and I needed to focus on them before the blog.
Well, at least I have finished a good book, “Marley and me”. The book is easy to read and funny. Sometimes in the local train I could not keep my laugh, because some stories were very extreme and not even possible to be real. But, the stories are based on a family with the stupid but truly amazing dog. The book proved a happy mood and somehow the feeling I would love to have a dog too. On top of the feeling, you read about the all the problems the family is facing and the mood of having a dog disappear in a second.

Right now my traveling book is “One day”, everyone has spoke so much about the book and there for my expectation was high. But the book is nothing special (yet). It is some sort of love story, and also there are sooo many love story books in the market. Why was this book such a big seller for sometimes ago?
The book “Marley and me” is much better then “One day” a reason, “Marley and me” stands out, it provide tears, love, honest and just a good writer behind the book.
Who does not fall in love with this puppy?

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