Taco Truck, me like

Thank god I did not need to cook dinner today.
Some weekends my family has the habit to go out for dinner and go to a Espresso house shop for a cup of latte.
The resturants we go to are good, and the food is for a good price. If I should explain the restaurants are in the price range which students can go to. The meals are more costly then McDonalds and MAX but cheaper then typical dinner places. A meal is around 100 kr.

So, today we went to Taco Truck near to Östermalms torg, the open timings are a bit limit. 11-20 pm during the week and 12-14 during the weekends. The resturant is very small, but fresh and simple, with 5 tables and many different chilli sauces.
The customer can choose have tortilla bread he/she wants, it is possible to order 1 and up to 6 also the prices are depends on the amount of bread. Then the customer can choose the topping, beef, chicken or black bean.

I ordered all the different topping, beef, chicken with chocolate and black beans. The chicken had a smoke flavor, which I prefer, and also the black been was tasty.
For sure I have to visit the this place again. Just hope to have a company by someone!

a special day

Today has been all about studies, exam soon and I have no knowledge at all.
There for at 7:40 am I was in college and study. A friend of mine came to college to and we both study and got lost. We did not know how to colcolate some of the questions, but tomorrow is a new day with more maths.
However, during our study timeI got a phone call from a flower delivery and told me he had flowers for me. But who would send flower to me on Valentine day? I had no clue, and I could not pack my books and travel home to read the card. There for, I was dying to read the card and see the flower. A white rose. pure and simple. I love the rose.
Thank you my lovely friend.