There are somethings which I can not believe how badly I want to reach the goals.
Some of them are harder to reach then other, for example study abroad.
I have may be a half year to a year to prepare for the exams and to save the money. Also, it is also hard to studies and at the same time work.
There for, this summer is all focus goes to work and studies.
Work and studies because I have to reach that dream!

Sunday is gone again

Well, today has been all about studies.
7:40 in college, with my books and study. Everything went well till a point, when everything went wrong. My brain was heavy and I did everything wrong. When you reach that point, you know it is time to travel back home and buy food.
My plan for the evening is a walk with friend.

A photo from India, my friend and I took a morning walk. The walk was a long walk and we reached the top and got an breath taking view.
Well, I wish I could have some heat now, it is too cold in Sweden,