I can not wait to the weekened

Why can it be Sunday evening, Then I can finally go to the gym.
But till then, I am busy with studies and work too. Friday 3-7pm, is the big hours. EXAM in finance theories and I do not know anything. There for I have been study for 10 hours today and still not done.
Right now I am at home and printing out important papers about oil and the stock market. Let see if I can find some yummy information for our grand final paper.
However, I just hope to pass this paper. But I am scared that I will not, but tomorrow is a new day with more study hours opportunities. Also, I am planing to visit my parents house tomorrow. Long time ago I was there (I think).
Swedish summer, the best place to spend is in the forest, forget the beaches and all the people. At least in the forest you get time to think, walk and be yourself.
I have soon been here for a year. Congrats!

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