International food party

What an evening!
ESN had made it again, or more right all the students made an amazing evening with food. ESN orgonaized this party due to we all try different food dishes and for the students who misses theĀ  home country food. There were, Swedish, German, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French and much much more.
Lovely evening with great students.

Been away for too many days

Well, I have nothing to say besides I am busy. Very busy nowadays. I have no idea how to mange everything, well I have an idea. Also, I am not that sure if my plan is great.
However, right now I am writing some part on our paper and I think the topic is very interesting. Before I thought this is wired subject financial behavior and i did not have much knowledge about it. However, after some articles and books I think this is interesting, very interesting and fun. On the other side, the book I wish to buy, is too expensive 800 kr for a American book. Which is not too much money, when our normal litterateur goes around 500 kr.
The book tittle is Investment behavior, the psychology of financial investment. The book write about traditional models and behavior models with a lot of example and explain in a good way without too many hard academical words.

Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing