Book sale

So, today has the book sale started and I have not got any books yet. How come?
There are so many books I wish to read, but why have I not bought any? Let see, if I find something intressting from the internet.
Also, tomorrow is my brothers’ birthday and still I have not get any gift to him. I do not know what to give to him. Might say this, at least he will not get a book.
But what shall I give?

The book I thought to buy is
Kryddlexikon : världens alla kryddor från A till Ö

So much food


Well, I am so glad of all the food.
There were too much food and great people. I met new students from all over Europe. The feeling of want to travel all over Europe to met local people and experience more culture. There are so many countries I have never visit specially the east and the south of Europe. I have heard the east Europe are the best country for some meat dishes.
At the food party I tried home made sushi, pizza, Okra ball, German sweet, and Turkish drink (tasted like buttermilk).