Happy birthday

Wow, wow and wow, Amazing dinner.
Today we celebrated my brother’s birthday, he is now 25 years old and there for we went out for dinner at a better place is Stockholm. More right, we went to KB restaurant near to Östermalmstorg. I have a weak spot for liver.
After the main dish my dessert was raspberry sober, chocolate lava cake with caramel souse. Amazing, very sweet but good. Once in the blue moon is okay to eat unhealthy. The problem I am facing now, is due to the coffee my eyes are not tired… When will I be able to sleep?

Of course my brother got a gift from me. Nothing special, more a symbolic. He got a cooking book, flipping burgers cooking book. Flipping burger has a restaurant in Stockholm which is very popular and there for I gave the book. My brother has been to the place and liked the burger. So why not give the cooking book?

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