What dish shall i make?

This upcoming Saturday is my work free evening and there for I am planing to make some new dish or more right try to make. I have not decided what I want to make, my wish is to make enough food for the up coming days. But, what can I keep in the refrigerator?
First I thought lets make dosa! But realized that dish has to be fresh, to taste good. There for impossible to make it this weekend.
Then I thought, dumplings/momos, I love it and have not had it for long time and on top of that, NEVER done it before.
The third option is stuff vine leaves, a taste dish and again NEVER done the dish before. I have read how to make it and thought I have to make it one day.
The fourth is to make simple pasties, I have made that before and turn out good.

Well, what shall I make? I want to make something new which I have not tried before.

Or I might try to make something I have done before and something new.
I.e cook pasties and something else Japanese soup?

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