This is so…

So not okay.
My weekend has been very much a like a roller coaster. From pleasened evening last Friday with Indian food and the family. Saturday was spend with my mom in the city. But the evening was horrible, a nightmare. I went to my attic to hang away my winter jacket and found that the attic had unwelcome housebreaker. The thies took some of my dears property such as antics things from my grandparents, dresses, cloths and much more.

I might say the dearest thing which is gone is my old hat for a cat costume which my grandmother made for me when I was 3-4 years old. That hat has no money value, beside a huge emotional value for me.


Good morning

I wish you all had a great night sleep, because I slept throw the whole night without wake up. Which is the opposite from the last couples of nights. But that is not the reason I am writing. Today, after a weekend of freedom, studies have arrived and I am meeting my research writer partner at college to discuss how and what we will do. Also, I might bring my gym clothes with me, because I really want to workout.

On top of that I can not believe Easter is around the corner and I have to be at home with studies and work. While other are up in the north for skiing. On the other side, I know I am going to the north during the summer, which is almost better then the winter/early spring season in the north (or that is what I want to think).

Bollywood movies in Stockholm

Yesterday was great, I got to know in May, SF at Stureplan is going to show Bollywood movies (can it be any better news?!). One of the movies trailer looked great, or at least funny, the name of the movie is “Finding Fanny”. The movie is made in Goa.¬† An other movie is “Margaritha with a straw”, I think the movie is good, but nothing for me.
I had no idea SF will show Bollywood movies in May during a week of many activities of Indian culture in Stockholm.
Take a look

I promise you I will try to go on some of the activities in May!


Came back home

I had a lovely evening at Sheraton with Indian culture center has organized the event with the Indian Ambassador. The evening was delegated to celebrate Holi (yes, some weeks after) with throwing flowers in different colors such as pink, red and yellow. The ambassador spoke and the guest of honor Margareta Cederfelt, member of the Swedish parliament. After the speeches groups preformed songs, dances and poems. The dance preferences were all sort, different traditional dances and Bollywood. The songs were also oldies and the latest Bollywood.

It is during this sort of events, I get really home sick. The pain and sadness is too much to handle and my highest wish is to book a plain ticket to India. I am so weak for India, India is great. None can make me change my statement about India. The people I have been able to meet and have as friends are the most lovely, truly, amazing people I know.


Thank you all very much!

Great evening

Yesterday, we had made plan to go out for dinner but everything changed due to unwelcome guests had been in the attic. Great, great and great. Now we have also changed the clock, from winter to summer time. It is horrible, I have lost an hour sleep.

There for I will need a lot, a lot of coffee!

Good day

Good morning!
I hope you had a nice sleep which is the opposite for me. My neighbor had again a party to 5/6 am. During the night I woke up many times and at 5:45 I was clear awake and a screaming stomach.
Well, therefore the whole morning was delegated to put aside winter shoes, jacket and so on.
Also, maybe one of the best things are I got the time to put aside my perfume bottles in a box. The box is half full with all different shapes, colors, senses of perfume bottles.


The perfume bottles are one of my greats collections. More right my collections of perfume bottles and handbags. I will never throw away my perfume bottles, they are just laying in a box, but they are so beautiful to look at. Also, they are memories from holidays, a typical to get a perfume bottle in the duty free area.

Paneer palak


Today dinner was at a small Indian restaurant near to Sveav√§gen. The restaurant is family own and decorated with bollywood pictures and gods. It was little “dirty”, not the latest style or decorations, so there for it felt like being in India. The food was okay, or more right I my dish was the best. Panner palak, cheese with spinach. While my company ordered chicken which did have any taste.


The naan bread was too thick but tasty.
Over all the restaurant was good and I realized how much I missing the food. The masala, gravy and bread.