The evening

So, today at work we had a peaceful evening, almost no calls or upset people.
However, on the way was less nice.
The reason is, I missed the train just as I came on the platform. Then I read the book about Taj hotel and did not see the local train arrived before the train left on the opposite side of me. Do you know that feeling? too miss two train and the reason is due to you self.
Then on top of that, the train stopped for a longer break because there were people ran on the tracks.
There for I become worried I would not make it on time. However, I manged to arrive on time, 10 minutes before work shift started.

Now, I am at home and watching big bang theory and drinking warm milk. Standard situation for me.

Lunch with family

The morning passed by extremely fast today. What have done during the morning? I do not really know, besides I have read the financial strategy book and made notes… got dressed and applied make up for today’s lunch at wagamama. Wagamam is located in the heart of Stockholm at waterfront. This is the only wagamama restaurant Sweden has and I have never been there before.
There for it will be fun to try it.
After the the lunch I have to go to work, my shift is from 4 to 10 pm. So I have to bring my dinner with me and also notebooks if I get the time to study.
I have to run. I am thinking of wearing a scarf or my every day necklace. IMG_7516
Yea, it ended I took my every day necklace. Simple but lovely.

Two cooking books

I have a shelf with many different cooking books. I am happy over my cooking books collection. A reason is I have books about Indian, German, Salads, sweets, baking, Christmas food/baking and Jamie Oliver, also my grandmothers old cooking books. So what is there to not to like? I have no Idea. Well, may be I should get a book about South America?
However, I have two favorite books, one of them is “vår kokbok” that book has EVERYTHING inside. From how to fried a egg to creating advantage dishes with meat. Life saver and every house should have a basic cooking book.

The other books is from Canada. A family member recommended to get the book. A reason is the book has many basic recipes with a twist. The dishes are not that hard to follow, besides everything is in cups and some of the recipes need a grill or oven. But, I love the book it is fresh and has good tasty recipes.
The women behind the book have a website, janetandgreta.

By the way, the looneyspoons collection has a very American cover.