Summer plans are almost fixed

I can not understand my summer schedule is almost done. Well, it is not that hard to plan this summer. The reason is, I will be in Sweden for the whole summer.
Also, I will be working at my extra job and I some extra shifts at a cafe in Stockholm’s archipelago. On top of that I have applied for summer school, about the summer school I have not really deiced if I will study or not, but it is better to send and deiced later on.
The best part is not the work or the studies. No, no, this summer I will be able to spend more then a long weekend up in the north. I will have summer “holiday” for some days and spend in the forest and pick berries. On top of that, go to Kullens dairy for a great cheese buffet with something tasty to drink with all the cheese.

I am so excited toward this summer, no Indian trip, no trip to Canada or any other places. Just spend a whole summer in Sweden. Hopefully, we will get great weather, warm, sunny summer!

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