I can only say Janet and Greta knows how to make good food in an easy way.
Really, glad I tried to make the wok dish.

Well, of course I needed to buy some of the souses in an Asian food store. For sure, it is surprisingly how different food habits are. For example I needed to buy noodles, so I made the huge mistake to write down only noodles. But when I was in the store and saw the shelves with noodles. I realized I needed to be more specific which type of noodles … There were too many noodles, rice noodles with different sizes, sticky and non sticky… At that moment I felt: say whaaat, is this for real?! It ended I got a packed of rice noodles.

In the end my dish turn out good, for the first time to do the recipe and to use tofu!

As you can understand, I have some days of lunch boxes! (happy student!)


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