Finished and new book is up

Well, I think it took me three days to complete Malala book. In the morning I read the last 20 pages within an hour.
There for I digged in my shelves to find an other book. Well, I do have unread books, so that is not the problem. My problem was which book to read now. Should it be a chick book ( of course no, no, no, after “one day” I do want to read a chick book for sometimes), or a book about India or a book about religions. Well it ended up I took a book which I have found in my parents house for some months ago. And thank God for my parents book collection, they have every sort of book! They have books in every room, almost like heaven.
Well the book I have started to read is “journey to Islam”. The book is written by a German diplomat who has been working in the middle East. I have just started to read the book and finished the first chapter. I have high hope for this book, normally diary books are good.
The book cover is not that great, instead due to the cover the book look too boring. But, but, I should never judge a book based on the cover. However, I do it sometimes (often).


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