Just arrived home

Today again has been a long day. The reason was early morning and less sleep, also a lot of things needed to be done, such as reading, college, gym, dinner with dad. On top of that I was extremely tired after the weekend with late nights (I have been working and not partying).
Well, right now I have arrived home after having dinner with my dad. I have realized with a good company company during a meal, I eat much more. More of meat and salad but also drink more milk. But how come? Can a reason be I do not think how much I eat and instead enjoy the company and talk more and forget the food. Like, when I am alone, the food is the priority, while with a company the food comes on the second or third place.
Right now, I have just finished my large cup of warm milk and heading of to the bed. It is going to be a long day tomorrow. With a lot of studies. But first I have to read some pages about the German diplomat.

(One of my plates from the Christmas food buffet, meat, meat!)
God night


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