Again I am trying to finsh the book

During the summer or late spring I started to read the book “Thinking fast and slow”. Well, it ended up i put the book aside and have not opened the book till now.
The reason for my action is not because the book is bad or boring, not at all. Instead the book is every interesting and need to reflecting how my actions are. On the other side, the book need full attention from my side. If, I want to understand the book, there for it is impossible to read the book outside the house with all the noises and people.


To summarize, I need now two books, one to read before I go to bed (“Thinking fast and slow”) and an other book to read to and from college. That is little more difficult to diced, I thought to read “the withe tiger” (already read that one in high school) or a book about real life experience about a mission to open up three girls schools in Pakistan.
And to of that my friend recommend me to read “a random walk on wall street”.


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