Well, been there done that

What shall I say, I do know, I just do not know.
Somehow the days are passing by too fast. Way too fast. During the evenings when I washing a TV-show and drinking hot milk, I am trying to reflect the day and finding the high lights and the less pleasant parts of the day.
For today, I am willing to say the whole day has been okay, nothing special. First of all I have been working and then laundry time. and on top of that the less great part is I woke up at 5 am, and took the first morning train towards Märsta, is that not a bit depressing? On the train was me, some other early worker, or worker who just finished the shift and the last night party people. At that time on the train it is possible to hear all sort of talk. In my point of view, the talk I can hear is not how awesome last night was, not at all. Instead the talks are about how drunk they are/were and what sort of crazy things they did. It is just sad. How can people do that towards them self? Or have I skipped the stage in my life with the parties, drinks and late crazy nights? What is the normal thing for a teenager/young grownup? However, why should I care?
As long I am happy and have a goal to reach and work towards the goal. So, before the summer holiday starts, the last 11 weeks are going to be hard on me. Because, I am eager to start studying and preparing for my applications.

A friend of my told me to apply to Indian universities for my master, well I have to inform her, that is not happening. I want to explore new countries, learn a new culture, meet new people and gain new knowledge. I want to breath in, live a different life. I want to explore! Only to think about the future makes me wanna apply NOW. But, one thing at the time, first I have to pass financial strategies. Then the paper about oil and financial behavior, after that I can FINALLY start!

BTW, the photo is taken near to my family’s house in India. In that area has many houses and flats, but on one spot people have built up metal houses. The people are living with the horses and goats and autos. The air stink of the animals and I would say it is not the best place to pass by. But on the other side, all the roads have slum and that road has the smallest slum only ONE.
Also, I do miss the energy Pune’s air has. India has something which I have never met before and then I have been traveling to many places earlier. It is wired how life can change over time…


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