Before November, I have to have an answer

Sometimes when I am looking back over the past years, there are things which I wish I could change or experience everything again. But, the thing is, what ever has happened is in the passed and the major point is to not make the same mistake again. Learn for the pass, but that is easier said then done.
In my case, if someone tells me do not do like that, I should try with an other way. Still, I have to try in the first way to experience how wrong it went and then try in an other way. Only because the person MIGHT be wrong.  I have to explore by myself and try the way I think is right before I follow an advice.
I wish I can explore thanks giving (never been in America during thanks giving), Holi (again), Diwali, Christmas, some friends birthdays and much more. And grow, grow and learn new culture and traditions.

Sweden and I are in the end of our relationship, (soon?) we will have a pause or a break up for sometimes. So both of us can relax and get energy for a meeting in the future. During the pause, I want to visit a new place for studies, somewhere else, anywhere else, beside India. The reason is, India and I have a hate/love relationship. We can stand each other for a month or so, but a year would be harder. Still India is calling me everyday, oh, how much I miss my families and friends in India.
I am so lost right now, the dead line is November, before November I have to have better answer then, I need a break from Sweden.

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