Can I get this?

I have look on Label Ritu Kumar’s facebook side. There are so many beautiful clothes, bags and so much eye candies. Three handbags for parties,functions and so on. If I was in India, I would have bough one of the bags. But, now I am Sweden and can only dream about the things. There are something with Ritu kumar I like, but I do not know what it is.


Finally I got my certificate from Folkuniversitet. Earlier I never understood the point of saving certificates, but now nowadays I have change the point of view.
The reason is I might need to show my certificate to future class, work or anything.
So I am pleased to get a certificate for Arabic.

I am scared

The sun is shinnying, the temperature is decent outside. the sky has some clouds moving slowly. The weather is typical early spring weather, perfect time to be outside suck all the sun in and the air. My situation is the totally opposite. I am sitting inside the college and studying. I am too scared of the paper, I have to pass, because  do not want a backlog in this subject. Really I do not want.

There for I have with me coffee, vegetables, fruits so I can be in college till 8 or so. Let see. But one thing is for sure, I will not go to the gym today.