Tralala, future or no future

I love talking about future plans, where to go, what to do and also listen on my friends plans. Well, more right to say, I enjoy listing to my friends with a goal and aims, the people who want to do something more then just work after BBA. In my ears work after BBA sounds like they think they can get a good job and start to build a life in Sweden and have a typical “Swedish-family” life. A typical “Swedish-life” is to have a house, kids, a job from 9-5, a Volvo and of course a dog. Already now, some of my college friends are talking about where to buy a house and they are only a year older then me. Scary and nothing for me at all. I have no clue were ever it is a good idea to buy a house or a flat.
Well, on the other side, I think it is interesting to think how different people plans about the future and wants different things.
Well, I might be the person who think way to much about the future, but that is who I am. Without any aims, I would be very lost and have huge problem to see where my current situation will lead me. I need aims to orient myself. of course the aims changes over time, but the main points do not change they are the same. For example the main aim is I want to study more after BBA but wherever I want to study MBA or Master, that might change till the time I have to apply.

A walk and i got lost

Yesterday evening I did go to the gym and there for I took a walk in the neighborhood.
The best part is all the beautiful buildings and apartments. To pass by buildings from early 1900, to modern houses are great. Also, in the evenings after 8 pm, very few people are out and there for it is much easier to walk and relax the mind. So, there are some streets I have passed by so many times, but never walk on and yesterday I deceid to try and see where the streets took me. It ended up I got lost and found a huge building, which I have no clue what it is or what it has been. First I though it had been a jail, then I saw a big kitchen and rotary symbol. On top of that, I think there are apartments in the building.
You might understand how I am twisted about the building.
Also, I did not find any sign on the house.